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OnlineFaxGuide is a simple comparison of the different fax service providers. The goal of this site is to make it easier for companies and individuals to wisely choose the RIGHT fax service for YOU. PRESS RELEASES:

September 26, 2011

Online Fax - 12 Quick Things to Check Before Buying New SlideShow from

Choosing any long term business service does require some work, so here is a handy Slide Show from with 12 Quick Things one must check before buying any online fax service........... View Full Article

July 20, 2011

Online Fax Service Guide Updates Its Faxage Review updates its Faxage Review to reflect recent changes made by this popular Denver based online fax provider............ View Full Article

May 11, 2011

New Online Fax Service Plans from MetroFax Reviewed by recently updated its online fax listings to reflect these new changes and plans introduced by MetroFax ........... View Full Article

January 18, 2011

Online Fax Makes Businesses More Efficient Claims

Using an online fax service can make any company more efficient and save them money. Find out what features of online fax makes this possible.......... View Full Article

December 2, 2010

Online Fax Guide Updates Its Canadian Online Fax Services For Canada updates its Canadian online fax services content to reflect the growing importance of these providers in Canada....... View Full Article

September 28, 2010 Online Fax Guide Updates Its Internet Fax Service Providers Listings, a well established Online Fax Services Comparison site, recently updated its listings to reflect new changes made by many of these fax service providers. These changes offer better pricing and conditions for the online fax user...... View Full Article

June16, 2010

Online Fax Guide Get Major Update And New Look, a well established Online Fax Services Comparison site, gets a major update and new look; making it easier for visitors to find the right online fax provider for themselves or their company..... View Full Article

April 20, 2010

Online Fax Services - 12 Quick Things To Check Before You Buy, New Video From

Choosing any long term business service does require some work on your part, picking the right online fax service is no exception. So here is a handy short video from with 12 quick things or features you should check before buying any online fax service.... View Full Article

March 31, 2010

Online Fax Video Proves Very Beneficial For

Using video marketing has proven very effective for, bringing in traffic and customers daily to this Internet Fax Service Comparison site. An online video is the perfect medium to market your company's products or services.... View Full Article

January 12, 2010 An Internet Fax Comparison Site Is Gearing Up For 2010, an Internet Fax Service Comparison site, is gearing up its operations for the coming year. This handy online fax guide provides any individual or company with a convenient fax Comparison Chart where potential customers can quickly get all the information they are seeking... View Full Article

October 27, 2009

Online Fax Guide Celebrating Its 3rd Birthday Online is celebrating its 3rd year on the web. This handy online fax guide provides a convenient Internet Fax Service Comparison Chart where potential online fax customers can quickly get the information they are seeking... View Full Article

April 20, 2009

Canada Gets Another Internet Fax Service

RingCentral has launched their popular business phone services into Canada. This service offers a local or Toll-Free number, plus a whole suite of features: PBX phone functions, Fax, Voicemail, among others. View Full Article

April 14, 2009

Internet Fax Video Released By releases a new video on Internet Fax. This brief video explains online faxing and points out the benefits of using such a system, as well as encouraging viewers to download a Free PDF Fax Guide for further information on this new way of faxing. View Full Article

March 17, 2009

Faxage Co-Founder Christian Watts Gives Interview On Internet Fax

In these troubling economic times, all companies need an efficient and cost-effective fax system to handle all their faxes. In a recent interview, the co-founder of Faxage, Christian Watts, not only explains why Internet Fax is an excellent fit, but also discusses why Faxage is the perfect fax solution for small to mid-size businesses. View Full Article

February 24, 2009

More Businesses Switching To Internet Fax, According To OnlineFaxGuide

Online fax services are becoming extremely popular for both companies and individuals in these difficult economic times. Many businesses are switching over to an Internet fax service in order to save costs but also to remain more competitive in an ever increasing harsh business climate. View Full Article

January 26, 2009

New Online Fax Guide Is Released To Help Businesses

A new Internet Fax Guide is released to help businesses and individuals understand this new way of faxing. Internet or email faxing is all the rage. Find out why both companies and individuals are switching over to this new way of faxing. View Full Article

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