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  Canada Gets Another Internet Fax Service

RingCentral has launched their popular business phone services into Canada. This service offers a local or Toll-Free number, plus a whole suite of features: PBX phone functions, Fax, Voicemail, among others. Canada Gets Another Internet Fax Service

(PRWEB) April 20, 2009 -- Recently, RingCentral announced it is launching their very popular business phone services into Canada. RingCentral is already operating in the US and UK and now they're adding Canada to that list.

Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs can now sign up for the RingCentral phone service using a local or Toll-Free number; this service will give them a whole suite of features: PBX phone functions, Fax, Voicemail, among others.

Basically, RingCentral will be hosting a company's business phone service which includes the following: a toll-free or local number, auto-receptionist, advanced call management, multiple extensions, multiple voicemail boxes, and Internet Fax.

Now, small businesses in Canada can project a "BIG" company image by having all these phone services at their fingertips.

In a recent Press Release a spokesperson for RingCentral stated: "RingCentral offers a comprehensive suite of affordable small business services including everything a small business needs to project an established business presence," said Vlad Shmunis, CEO of RingCentral. "Small businesses throughout the US and UK use RingCentral to project a professional image and stay connected with partners, prospects and customers. We are pleased that we are now able to deliver the same value to Canadian small businesses."

This business phone service from RingCentral will cost around $9.99 CAD/month, which is a fairly good deal since Canadians can use their own currency rather than US dollars. Another important feature is the local phone number which users can get with this service.

Plus, RingCentral is including its very popular Internet Fax service in this package. Many customers would simply sign-up for this online fax service alone, but the other features are extras bonuses they will gladly take as well.

"RingCentral has been one of the leaders in the Internet Fax field," states Titus Hoskins, who runs, a comparison site on online fax services. "What makes RingCentral's offering so popular with consumers is that users can bundle all their other phone services with Internet Fax."

Keep in mind, Internet or online fax is simply using one's web connection and email system to send and receive faxes. Because it is web-based, a user's faxes are available anywhere, anytime - as long as they have Internet access. Internet fax is cost-effective, fast, mobile, convenient, and more secure than the traditional way of faxing.

But RingCentral is not the first Canadian Internet fax service, most people may have heard of MyFax, which is operated by Protus out of Ottawa, Canada.

However, in business as well as in the marketplace, competition usually means better prices and services for the consumer. RingCentral's launch into Canada should be applauded for this reason alone. Their fully-loaded phone service as described above, provides extra reasons why this move is a welcomed event, especially for the Canadian consumer.

For further information on RingCentral and other online fax services click here: Online Fax Service Guide.

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