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  Faxage Co-Founder Christian Watts Gives Interview On Internet Fax

In these troubling economic times, all companies need an efficient and cost-effective fax system to handle all their faxes. In a recent interview, the co-founder of Faxage, Christian Watts, not only explains why Internet Fax is an excellent fit, but also discusses why Faxage is the perfect fax solution for small to mid-size businesses. Faxage Co-Founder Christian Watts Gives Interview On Internet Fax

(PRWEB) March 17, 2009 -- Recently, Faxage's co-founder Christian M. Watts gave a very detailed interview to on how Internet Fax works and how it can help companies cut costs and lower operating expenses. More specifically, Mr. Watts gives a full background on Faxage and discusses how it can help small to medium sized businesses handle all their faxing requirements, even in this very harsh economic climate.

"Internet Fax is essentially a service that allows you to send and receive faxes using your email and/or other online means (such as a web site) as opposed to using a traditional fax machine," states Watts. "The primary advantages of Internet fax are two-fold: Cost Savings and Location Independence."

To further explain the significant role Internet Fax now plays in the day-to-day operations of most companies, Watts details the cost-effectiveness of using an online fax service. There are lower per-minute/per-fax rates (than with traditional telecommunications) mainly because providers can leverage the volume of all their customers to get a better rate from the telephone carriers. In addition, there are no costs for paper, toner, fax machine maintenance or costs for an extra stand-alone phone line. Mr. Watts gives a detailed example of how these cost-savings can benefit any company in the full interview posted online here: Faxage.

In addition, Internet Fax offers "Location Independence" which has a major added benefit over the traditional fax machine because workers can get their faxes anywhere they get their email. Which simply means, workers can respond quickly to deals, work more efficiently and it also allows employees to work at home and away from the office setting.

"Ultimately, Internet Fax increases a company's competitive edge through reducing cost and speeding response time both in receiving faxes, that may contain orders, bids, or other time-sensitive and/or revenue-creating information and in sending faxes - including responses to orders, bids, etc.," explains Mr. Watts.

It has been noted by the OnlineFaxGuide, which runs a comparison site on internet fax service providers, that Faxage has some of the most competitive pricing of all the different online fax providers in the marketplace. When asked how Faxage can offer such competitive rates, Mr. Watts explains: "Frankly, we follow our own advice. We keep our cost profile low relative to our competitors. This allows us to offer better rates - not just on the 'Lite' plans at $3.49 monthly, but on our other plans as well."

Faxage, which operates out of Denver Colorado, is a part of EC Data Systems and has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. It now uses over 61,000 exchanges covering about 80% of the US population and plans to cover most of the United States within the next 2-3 years. For areas not covered with local numbers, FAXAGE offers toll-free numbers.

"To summarize, FAXAGE essentially started out in the fax service space in 2002," explains Watts. "At that time, our parent company - EC Data Systems - was building an electronic document management system and needed fax services. An exhaustive search for a provider revealed that, at that time, there wasn't much in the Internet Fax space for small/medium business customers, so we ended up building our own capability. Once we had run that for a few years and worked out a lot of the kinks, we unbundled our Internet Fax capability and in 2004 launched the FAXAGE service."

To read more of this interview and to learn further how Internet Fax and Faxage can help any small to mid-sized company meet all their faxing requirement go here: Faxage Interview.

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