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 Internet Fax... Online Fax Guide Updates Its Canadian Online Fax Services For Canada updates its Canadian online fax services content to reflect the growing importance of these providers in Canada.

Online Fax Guide Updates Its Internet Fax Service Providers Listings

(PRWEB) December 2, 2010. Recently, updated its listings to reflect the growing interest of online fax services in Canada. Just like the rest of the wired world, Canadians are discovering the great benefits and advantages of using this new modern way of faxing.

"The main objective of our site is to explain online fax services to everyone, including Canadians" states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher who now runs the site. "Online faxing is still a relatively new service to many users and is a simple form of cloud computing which has become very popular."

This recent update was sparked by developments by RingCentral, which has made a significant move into the Canadian marketplace. RingCentral now offers bundled phone and fax services to businesses in Canada and Canadians can now pay in their own currency.

In addition, many Canadians might not be aware that MyFax, one of the leading Internet fax providers in the world, is run by Protus, an IT company located in Ottawa, Canada. MyFax offers a whole range of virtual PBX services to its customers, including online fax. Competitive pricing and good quality support has made MyFax one of the most popular providers in this field.

These online providers give Canadians a choice of a Toll-free or Local fax number, which they can give out to all their contacts. Users of these Canadian fax services are also given an online account or interface where they can log on to check their messages. Your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in a Tiff or Pdf file. Keep in mind, with most providers, you can still send a fax to a conventional fax machine.

However, more and more businesses are turning to their email systems and these online providers to handle all their faxing needs. Mainly because it is cheaper, more private and much more convenient than traditional faxing. Moreover, online fax is paperless so it is viewed as more environmentally friendly. Plus, it also digitizes all your faxes, making them accessible and manageable through any mobile device such as a cell phone or a laptop.

Canadians, as well as the rest of the world, are turning to this new way of faxing in record numbers mainly because of these benefits. Regardless of which online service provider they choose, upgrading their faxing to this new method is cost-effective and a very smart business move.

For more information on Online Fax and how it can benefit your company or business go here online fax comparison About Us, a comprehensive online fax services guide, is based in Canada and gives Canadians a comprehensive view of Internet faxing services available in their country. OnlineFaxGuide is hosted on Canadian Web Hosting, which is located in Vancouver and is one of the top hosting companies in Canada.

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