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Online fax services are becoming extremely popular for both companies and individuals in these difficult economic times. Many businesses are switching over to an Internet fax service in order to save costs but also to remain more competitive in an ever increasing harsh business climate. More Businesses Switching To Internet Fax - According To

(PRWEB) February 24, 2009 -- In this recession or in any times of economic turmoil, the first instinct for most businesses is to cut back on their expenses and operating costs. One way many companies and individuals are cutting back is by switching to an online fax service to handle all their faxing needs.

"Both traffic and downloads of our comprehensive fax guide has increased at in the last several months," states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher and now a full-time Online Marketer who owns and operates several successful websites on Web Marketing Tools in addition to his sites on Internet Fax. "People are definitely signing up for these online fax services in record numbers."

This claim is also backed up by major fax service providers like MyFax, which stated in a recent Press Release, they're signing up over 15,000 clients each month. Add to this, there are many other fax providers such as eFax, RingCentral, TrustFax, RapidFax, MetroFax, Send2Fax, Faxage... all doing brisk business on the web.

Mr. Hoskins, who also runs and, has been operating several sites on Internet Fax for over four years and ersonally helps promote several fax services so he has first hand knowledge of how popular online faxing has become for businesses. "The main reason has to be cost, since Internet Fax is paperless and inkless, companies can save money on those items. Plus, there is no need for a traditional fax machine or an extra phone line."

Besides offering total mobility, another key selling point for many companies, these online fax services are "completely scalable" for any business. "A company can easily up-scale or down-scale their faxing requirements depending on the business climate," reports Hoskins. "If you need to increase or decrease your faxing services, this can be easily and quickly done with an online fax service. In these uncertain economic times this is a major advantage for any company."

In addition, businesses are seeking ways to stay competitive in order to survive. If a company depends upon faxing for acquiring sales, obtaining new clients, running office communications... then using an Internet fax service is one way to remain more competitive. No more missed faxes because of busy signals or paper jams; no more going back to the office to retrieve that vital fax at 10 o'clock at night. Online fax connects a company's faxing to the computer and the Internet; bringing all concerned, into the modern age.

The objective of is two-fold. One, to provide prospective visitors with a simple and quick Internet Fax comparison chart so potential clients can choose at a glance, the right fax service to match their needs.

Moreover, also provides a comprehensive downloadable fax guide if visitors want a more in-depth explanation of online fax and how it works. Potential customers can download this guide in .exe format and run it on their computers; or they can view the entire fax guide online at, another one of our related sites.

With the advent of Netbooks, Laptops, PDAs... there is an enormous demand for a faxing service that is truly mobile, this demand can only increase as we move forward.

"Our main goal is to provide businesses and individuals with a handy, helpful guide to Internet Fax," says Hoskins. "Internet Fax is still a relatively new phenomenon to many business owners and our comprehensive Online Fax Guide shines some light on this new way of faxing."

For further information on Online Fax Services in general, please visit our site: .

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