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Using video marketing has proven very effective for, bringing in traffic and customers daily to this Internet Fax Service Comparison site. Online Fax Video Proves Beneficial

(PRWEB) March 31, 2010. Using video marketing to promote your company or business has proven very effective for, a handy Internet Fax Comparison site of the most popular online fax services. According to this site's statistics, videos can effectively get your message across very quickly and bring in both traffic and customers. For online marketing, they are the ideal medium to promote your business or company. released its first video around a year ago and this video is now featured on many sites around the web, bringing in traffic and targeted prospects daily. Videos are a great way to "Pre-Sell" a company's products or services. Most times, Internet users are searching for information about a product or service, supply that helpful information and you have a customer who is in the right mind-set to buy.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video has to be good for at least a million words," says Titus Hoskins, a full-time online marketer who now uses video marketing on all of his other niche sites. "Sometimes, even experienced marketers naively underestimate the marketing power of a simple video."

Since online or Internet fax is still a relatively new concept to many individuals and company owners, a simple video explaining the whole concept goes a long way towards bridging that knowledge gap. Online faxing is one type of "cloud computing" that's as easy as sending an email. It is cheaper than using the traditional fax machine because there is no need for an extra fax phone line; nor do you have the costs of papers, inks and toners since web faxing is paperless faxing. It is also a more efficient and a more convenient way to do all your faxing.

Getting all those points across on a webpage can be difficult, but present all those facts in a short catchy video can prove very effective. Throw in the popular YouTube site into this marketing mix and you have a winning formula. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the third ranked site on the web according to Alexa. It serves over a Billion videos a day; with roughly 12 Billion videos viewed each month in the US alone. Perhaps more importantly, 82% of Internet users in the USA view videos online.

One can easily see how videos offer excellent marketing potential for websites like; it is an effective way of reaching customers and prospects. Video marketing is also an excellent way of educating the public and getting your message out there. This is one marketing angle every company should consider if they want their online marketing to be the most effective.


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