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  Internet Fax Video Released By releases a new video on Internet Fax. This brief video explains online faxing and points out the benefits of using such a system, as well as encouraging viewers to download a Free PDF Fax Guide for further information on this new way of faxing. Internet Fax Video Released By

(PRWEB) April 14, 2009 -- A new video on Internet Fax has just been released by, a comparison site on the different online fax services available to the general public. This video explains Internet Fax, pointing out the benefits of using such a service and what features to look for when buying or signing up to an online fax provider.

The video gives a brief introduction to Internet Fax and is mainly targeted towards those consumers or potential customers who may not be familiar with this relatively new way of faxing. For many traditional businesses switching over to computer or web based faxing is a fairly new phenomenon, one that is rapidly growing in popularity. Mainly because online fax is completely portable, available anywhere, anytime - as long as you have Internet access.

This video will inform potential users on the basics of Internet Fax and show them how to get further information by downloading a Free Internet Fax Guide in PDF format. This fax guide is hosted by and explains in more detail all aspects of this new way of faxing.

"There are still many business owners who are unaware of online faxing," states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher who now runs OnlineFaxGuide. "Coming from a background in education, I believe it is important to first teach potential clients all about this new service so that they can make a smarter choice, when or if they decide to go with Internet faxing."

Since all these online fax companies have slightly different plans and monthly rates, it truly pays to do one's homework now and save significant money over the long haul. Usually when an individual or company signs up for a business service like fax, they generally keep them for a long period of time, so picking the right quality service to match one's specific faxing requirements can save any business revenue; as well as headaches and hassles down the road.

"Perhaps, one of the best features of these services," says Hoskins. "Most of these companies have Free 30 Day Trials, where you can test-run the fax service and see if it meets your standards. That way you can be sure you're getting a quality, hassle-free service."

This new video and the Free Internet Fax Guide will give potential customers a "head-start" when it comes to choosing a fax service and put them in the know, making the task much easier for them to accomplish. Knowledge does have its benefits.

For further information on this new Fax Video and Online Fax Services in general, please visit our site: .

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