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 Internet Fax...   Canadian Online Fax Services Tips For Choosing A Canadian Online Fax Service

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right Canadian Fax Service for you or your company.

Online fax services have become extremely popular in countries which have a high number of Internet users. Canada is no exception, using Internet or online fax has become the only way to proceed for many modern progressive individuals and companies. Mainly because having a fax service which is available anywhere, anytime, is extremely convenient.

Not only convenient but much more affordable since online fax is paperless faxing, you don't need to buy any papers, toners and inks. Nor do you have to buy a fax machine because everything is handled online through your email system and your web connection. You also don't need to install an extra dedicated fax phone line which can be a big money saver.

However, what you do need is an Internet fax service provider who will act as your intermediary to process all your faxes in return for a small monthly fee or charge. Choosing a Canadian online fax provider is the same as picking any provider, but with one small distinction, if you want a local Canadian fax number you must check with your chosen service provider to see if this is offered.

Local Canadian Fax Number

Online faxing can be done through a Local or a Toll-Free fax number. While almost all providers have Toll-Free numbers, not all providers will offer a local Canadian fax number. Such major Internet fax services such as MyFax, eFax and RingCentral will all offer local numbers in all the major Canadian cities or markets. Just check with the provider to see if this is offered.

Quality Of The Service

The next thing you have to check when choosing a Canadian fax provider is the quality of their services. Most popular providers like the ones mentioned above offer very professional and top-notch services, but it is always prudent to check out these services for yourself and then decide which one is right for you or your company. Thankfully, almost all major fax providers operating in Canada and elsewhere, will offer you a Free 30 Day Trial so that you can check out the quality first-hand, without any out of pocket expenses on your part. This is a great opportunity see to see how a provider works and how good their support system really is in actual use. You can fins some canadian fax services here.

Connections And Procedures

Usually, with most of these providers, there will be many different ways to send or receive your faxes. Obviously, all will give you an online account/interface where you log on using your username and password. From this account you can check your faxes and also send them from this location. However, certain providers will have other different ways to do your online faxing... some will have a desktop application which will let you send/receive your messages from your desktop. Others will work with Windows Office, Outlook Express or on your mobile phones such as iPhone and Android. You have to check with your chosen provider to see which particular procedures they have in place for how exactly your faxing is done.

Pricing And Number Of Monthly Faxes

Obviously, when choosing any fax service, you have to closely examine not only the monthly rate but how many faxes you can send/receive each month. This can range anywhere from 300 to 1000, so it pays to shop around to get the best price or value for your money. Another pricing issue has to do with overage charges, how much will your provider charge for any faxes which are over your monthly limit. This rate can be anywhere from 3 to 10 cents or more... so you must check this rate. Just like telephone bills, if you go over your limit, this can quickly add up to a large payment, especially if your company does a lot of faxing.

Corporate Plans And Scalability

Of course, many of these major Canadian fax providers will offer custom corporate plans which can be quickly scaled up or down, depending on your company's progress. Special rates may also apply so this corporate element or feature is well worth checking out before you buy. Fax broadcasting well usually be included in these more robust fax plans, this is where you can send a single fax to thousands of recipients with just one click of the mouse. Great feature if your company uses faxes for sending promotions and/or to bring in more sales.

Number Of Email Addresses And The PBX Option

You must also check the number of email addresses associated with your fax account, remember with online faxing your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in a Tiff or Pdf file. However, each provider will let you have a certain number of email addresses, anywhere from one to 10 or more connected with your fax numbers. This is a great feature to have if you want all the faxes in one department sent to numerous employees. Another option which many Canadian companies go for is a virtual PBX (Public Branch Exchange) where online fax is just one component, you can also have mail forwarding, voice mail... and even a virtual receptionist for your company.

As you can plainly see from all the factors mentioned above, choosing a Canadian online fax service does take some time and consideration on your part. Just follow or answer most of the questions above to your satisfaction and you shouldn't have any problem picking the right one for you or your company. Always keep in mind, this is an ongoing monthly business expense and doing a little homework now can save you big bucks over the long haul, so choose wisely.

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