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  Is A Virtual PBX System For You?   ... Internet Fax Article

              If you're considering Internet Fax, should you go 
                 with a Full-Featured Virtual Phone PBX Option? 

The definite answer is yes!

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Is A Virtual PBX Option or Solution Right For You?

The definite answer is maybe!

If you're in the market for an Internet Fax Service you may want to consider going with a fully-loaded Virtual PBX system instead. PBX which stands for "Private Branch Exchange" and it is used by many business to handle all their internal/external phone communications including fax.

These PBX systems are usually automated to handle all calls coming into your company. It is essential office equipment for the smooth running of any business, both small and large.

Now, with the introduction of Voip and virtual phones, we have seen the debut of Virtual PBX systems, that can handle all your business phone services through or over the Internet.

Your PBX Service is hosted online.

A virtual PBX service can save you money, especially on start-up costs, since there is no hardware to buy or maintain - everything is done online.

These virtual PBX services can be just as sophisticated as the traditional service, if not more. You can have all the features you would find in a regular service. For example, one of major leaders in this field is RingCentral, with their Virtual Phone service you get the following features:

                          "800 and 8** Numbers 
                          Dial-by-name Directory 
                          Local Numbers 
                          SoftPhone w/ Call Controller 
                          Voicemail w/ E-mail Delivery 
                          Call Conferencing 
                          Fax from the Web or PC 
                          Unified Call Logs 
                          Virtual PBX w/ Extensions 
                          Music On Hold 
                          Outlook Integration 
                          Smart Answering Rules 
                          Select Your Caller ID 
                          Call Recording 
                          Professional Greetings 
                          FindMe / FollowMe - Call Forwarding 
                          and more" 

As you can plainly see this is a fully-funtional Phone service which will enhance any business, big or small. When you consider that RingCentral's lowest monthly plan starts at $9.99 - you have an attractive option to consider if you're looking for a phone/fax service for your business.

One of the major reasons, any professional business person or small business owner, should go with a Virtual PBX system has mainly to do with projecting a professional business image. With a PBX system your small company can project a "BIG" company image to all your potential customers and clients.

Besides, making a good "First Impression" is vital to operating a successful business and a Virtual PBX service like the one offered by RingCentral will go a long way in cementing that first impression.

If you're looking for an online fax service, you should check out or consider getting a full Virtual PBX service instead.

Call Now: 877-929-2167

What is RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office is a complete cloud-based phone system for small businesses.

How much does RingCentral Office cost?

$24.99/mo. per user This is an all-inclusive price. There are no add-ons.

What's Included with RingCentral Office?

  • Cloud-based phone system with multiple virtual extensions
  • Auto-receptionist, company directory with dial-by-name search
  • Voicemail for each user, with email delivery
  • Advanced Call Management and Answering Rules
  • Internet Fax - send and receive
  • Reliable VoIP phone service
  • Unlimited Calling & Faxing (US & Canada)
  • Unlimited calls and faxes to your RingCentral numbers
  • Toll-Free or Local Main Company Number
  • Toll-Free or Local Dedicated Company Internet Fax Number
  • One Local Number per user (line)
  • What are key RingCentral Office differentiators?

    Complete business phone system with unlimited calling and faxing, just $24.99/mo per user. Connect all office, mobile and distributed employees together under a single business phone system. Total mobile integration so your phone system is always at your finger tips Simple, transparent and all-inclusive pricing for assured low monthly cost No complex, costly PBX hardware to purchase, configure or maintain High-touch, Advisor team and 24x7 technical and customer support at no additional cost Simple online purchase, setup and instant activation No commitment, no setup or activation costs, no cancellation fees

    To Find out about RingCentral Office Click this link or Call:

    Call Now: 877-929-2167

    Canadian Businesses Can Click Here: RingCentral CA Office - CPA

    For those looking for RingCentral Phone Service in the UK click here: Ad Tracker

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