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 Internet Fax...   Canadian Online Fax Services How can I get a Canadian online fax service?

Actually, one of the major players in the whole online faxing industry is MyFax. This online fax provider is part of Protus, an Ottawa based high tech company. MyFax has proven to be very popular with Canadians and should be one of your first choices if you want to go with a Canadian company.

Canadian Fax Services

However, there are other major players in the Canadian market which you can also consider. Keep in mind, since these fax services are web based it really doesn't matter which country they're located because you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also get a Toll-Free number, but many of these providers also offer local numbers.

Perhaps, another major company you should consider is RingCentral, which now has local services in Canada. This could be a good choice because RingCentral has a well-established reputation for quality services, including their very popular virtual PBX system. You can get a complete mobile office service.

PopFax is another International fax provider which has services available in Canada. This multi-national company has also received good reviews for quality efficient services.

Not to be outdone, eFax® which is probably the most well-known and popular fax provider, is another great choice as your Canadian fax service.

Regardless of which service provider you choose, finding a quality Canadian fax service should not be too difficult.

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