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  RingCentral Launches Into Canada   ... Internet Fax Article

RingCentral offers its business phone/fax services in Canada for Canadians. Bundled phone services features PBX phone functions, voicemail and fax.

Canada Fax Service jpg RingCentral Arrives In Canada!

RingCentral which is based in San Mateo, California has launched their popular business phone services in Canada. RighCentral hosts these phone services where small and/or big businesses can outsource all their PBX phone functions, Fax, voicemail and many other related services through RingCentral.

The new service will cost around $9.99CAD/month which is an extremely good deal since Canadian firms can use their own currency rather than US dollars - saving themselves at least 20% below what they would have to pay in U.S. funds.

RingCentral's bundled business phone services which includes Internet Fax has long since proven to be very popular with customers south of the border. Now Canadian companies and individuals can enjoy the same benefits of using RingCentral.

Perhaps, one of the main advantages is that even small companies can project a "Big Business" image with the phone services offered by RingCentral. Plus, bundling all your phone and fax services together is very cost-effective and small companies can save big on start-up costs.

In a recent Press Release a spokesperson for the newly formed venture stated:

"It is critical that our customers can call a single centralized phone number with a professional auto-attendant and are able to reach any person in the company even if they are on the move or in a different location," said Jericho Digos, founder of Canadian-based Dash Marketing Group. "What is particularly attractive about RingCentral is it takes the high cost and hassle out of business phone systems, proving we don't need a 'big company' budget to project an established image." Just what do you get with this RingCentral Service?

Basically, RingCentral is hosting your business phone service which includes or combines the following:

- a toll-free or local number

- auto-receptionist

- advanced call management

- multiple extensions

- multiple voicemail boxes

- and Internet Fax

All these features will allow RingCentral users to automatically screen phone calls, place calls, use call forwarding, listen to voicemail and last but not least - send/receive faxes through the Internet.

Customers in the U.S. and the U.K. are already familiar with RingCentral. Now customers in Canada can take advantage of RingCentral's cost-effective business phone services. Saving themselves and their companies time and money in the process.

To find out more about these phone services just click the link below:

Canadian Businesses Can Click Here: RingCentral CA Office - CPA

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