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5 Reasons Why Online Faxing Is Great For Business

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Since I run several sites and blogs on online or Internet fax, I keep my eyes open for any new material about the subject. Recently, a well-written article or post on the official eFax® Blog grabbed my attention. The article was entitled "Five Reasons to Adopt Online Fax" and comes with perfect examples of why using online faxing is a great alternative for both individuals and businesses.

Granted, anything coming from the eFax® team, will obviously be biased to adopting or promoting online faxing. It's their business, and you can't really fault them for wishing to promote their livelihood.

However, this still doesn't make their argument any less valid. There is no denying that using your computer/laptop/mobile phone and your email system to send and receive all your faxes makes perfect business sense in today's computer-driven world. This new, more modern way of faxing is simply more convenient, more portable and much more cheaper than traditional faxing.

If this subject or topic is new to anyone reading this, you must first realize the business world or our world in general has changed drastically in the last few decades. This change mostly has to do with our insatiable need to be connected or "wired" regardless of our location. We simply want to be connected to our family, friends and our business at all times, regardless of where we may be located.

The advent of smart phones, netbooks, laptops... and mobile Internet services has made this permanent connection not only possible, but a definite reality for a large majority of our population. In other words, we have become a world which is in "constant contact" with everyone around us.

Besides keeping in touch with your family and friends, this increased "connectivity" has some strong implications for how we run our businesses. Early adapters have enjoyed the benefits of greater mobility, ease of use and cheaper operating costs by using online fax instead of or, in addition to the traditional fax machine. It just makes smarter business sense to tie all your communications, including your faxes, into your company's computer system or network. No more paper jams, busy signals or missed faxes because of low ink or no paper in the machine.

In addition to these practical issues, there are several more reasons to use online fax, five more reasons as a matter of fact. These were pointed out in the eFax® blog and it may prove helpful to summarize them here:

Virus Threats - we all know emails may contain or harbor viruses, but if you use online faxing, your faxes are sent via a PDF (Portable Document Formats) and is much less likely to contain a virus.

Data Privacy and Encryption - your faxes can be "natively" encrypted which make them hard to be hacked or intercepted.

Spam Filters - your faxes won't get blocked by spam filters, which can easily happen with your emails.

File Size Flexibility - it will be easier to send large files/faxes via online fax because there is usually no file size caps by your email hosts, unlike with some large emails.

Legal Acceptance - while using email and file attachments can be great for business communication, keep in mind, these are not legal documents since they don't have a time-stamped image. Sending/receiving online faxes solves this legal hurdle.

There you have it, five more reasons why online faxing is great for your business. Of course, if you are already a regular user of this new way of faxing, you can probably come up with many more reasons, but these are excellent starting points. Ones which can't be ignored by any business or company wanting to stay competitive in our increasingly wired/connected world. But like all these business decisions, it's your call?

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