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How to find solutions to all your faxig needs. Finding a quick way to communicate with clients & customers?

If you run any sort of business you will know how vital it is for you to be able to quickly communicate with your contacts. This direct communication must be fast and efficient or you could lose a lot of business and sales.

Conventional faxing is OK, but there are much better fax solutions currently on the market. We are mainly talking about Internet or online fax, which combines all your faxing with the web, your computer and your email system.

This is the perfect fax solution because now all your faxing is available anytime, anywhere - as long as you have access to the web. You are no longer limited to only using the fax machine in the office since you have a virtual fax machine at your fingertips at all times, because any mobile device such as a cell phone, PDA, netbook or laptop can be used as a fax machine. There are many security features such as SSL encryption, which makes online fax much more secure than conventional faxing.

How do I start using online fax?

One of the best features about web or email faxing, you can easily sign-up to an online fax provider within minutes. And because everything is handled through your computer and the web, you don't need any equipment in order to use this modern way of faxing. No fax machine, no papers or inks and you don't even need to get an extra fax phone line - all of which will save you money on a monthly basis so online fax is indeed a great solution.

Besides the cheaper costs, online fax has other important features which makes it convenient to have in your corner. First, your faxes are sent as email attachments in a variety of file formats, which makes it possible for you to send really large spreadsheets, documents, contracts... to your contacts. Plus, all this can be done with one click of the button or mouse, no more feeding papers through your fax machine. This also saves you time as well as money.

What other useful functions does online fax have?

With online fax you can send or receive countless faxes at once, and it will also re-send your fax again for you if it is not received. No more missed faxes because of paper jams or busy signals. You can also get auto comfirmation to let you know that your fax has been received. Plus, most providers will let you set up "Fax Alerts" which will automatically send you an alert that you have received a fax; then you can log into your online fax account and take care of it.

All of these features offers the perfect solutions to your faxing needs, but there is more. Online fax is completely scalable for any business, you can quickly scale up or scale down your faxing requirements depending on the changing business climate. Most providers also have custom plans which can be tailored to meet your exact faxing needs, this will also save you money over the long haul.

One Final Point

Lastly, you can also opt for a PBX solution where email faxing is just one element or feature. These programs can offer a Toll Free number, voice mail, call forwarding, anwsering service... as well as online fax.

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