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 Internet Fax...   Free Fax Email How to send a free email fax with MyFax.

On Mar 13, 2009 - MyFax and MyFax Free - announced in a Press Release that MyFax was offering a free service where anyone could send a free fax WITHOUT giving your credit card or even signing up for an account.

Here's a Screenshot of this free service from MyFax:


Users can click this link to send a free fax or click the image above.

OnlineFaxGuide couldn't resist and TESTED this service for our visitors immediately! Just to check the quality and reliability of this new free service. Well, MyFax hasn't been voted the number ONE online fax service for no reason. This service worked just as planned and our fax arrived in seconds. Then a notification from MyFax that our fax was successfully sent and delivered.

You just have to go to the MyFax Free site (interface) and enter in all your fax details. Plus, you have to give your email address where an email will be sent in order for you to confirm the fax request. You must click a link in this email to validate or to send your fax. Obviously, this is used to eliminate any one spamming the service.

Users don't have to give any other information except for the fax number and your email address. You don't have to use up for an fax account in order to send your fax.

Here's a screenshot of our free fax when it arrived:

Testing MyFax 

Now, as you can see, MyFax has placed an advertisement at the top of the fax. This is a promotional exercise as well as "good-will" gesture. But it begs the question - does any serious company or business person want people to know they're using a free fax service - it just comes off as very unprofessional even in these tough times.

However, for the causal or one-time user of a fax service - this is a great service. You don't have to sign up for a monthly service and you can still send your faxes. This will save those occasional fax users some time and money.

Only downside, you still don't have a fax number to use in order to receive faxes. You will need to sign up for a paid service in order to get your own fax number. MyFax is probably wishing/counting you will upgrade to their service once you have tested their free email fax version.

If you want a paid fax service, including MyFax, you can get them here: online fax services.

If you want to find out more about how to "send fax via pc" just watch this helpful video:

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